A twenty-year resident of Maryland, Melanie Desilets began her career in news media and marketing, serving as an ABC Affiliate with WMAR. Following the purchase of her own dream home, she came to take an interest in real estate—in particular for the ways in which the business spoke to her background in branding and her

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Following his career in the Army Medical Core, Charles Bulthuis was eager for his next challenge. It was 1992 when he dove headlong into real estate, earning swift experience as he built a reputation for his work ethic, innovative thinking, and created a proven track record. Now, twenty-eight years since his career began, Charles has

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A resident of the Big Island since 1996, Rose Delfin launched her career as a Realtor following eight years of experience in the construction and building industry. She first took an interest in real estate while purchasing her own property in the early 2000s. Inspired, she decided to pursue her license, leaning on her background

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Broker and Realtor Kathy Byrnes entered the real estate arena after a career in financial planning. Of the decision, she recalls, “I just wanted to start over.” In 2005, at age 55, she moved to North Carolina, where she only knew her daughter. Today, she is part of a mega team at LePage Johnson, an

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Barbara Brunner began her journey in real estate four years ago, and already she has built a highly successful business and earned a stellar reputation for the high-caliber customer service she provides. When her husband earned his commercial real estate license, he encouraged Barbara to pursue her residential license, which she did without realizing how

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Years of dedicated work and putting clients first have earned Melissa Langley-Eslick a stellar reputation throughout Middle Tennessee, where she currently assists real estate buyers and sellers. With her background in property management and maintenance, as well as the financial sector, and her natural ability to connect with people, Melissa is able to strategically guide

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Those considering the purchase or sale of a luxury property in Connecticut’s Litchfield County, know that Peter Klemm’s phone number is the right one to dial. Famous for his unstoppable work ethic and his desire to provide each client with an unmatched level of service, Peter has been immersed in the real estate industry since

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After years of running a successful transmission repair shop, C. Ray pivoted to real estate in the market crash, starting out in timeshare sales. He quickly moved into residential sales with a team for Keller Williams. C. Ray’s natural personability and ease with clients didn’t go unnoticed; within his first four months he had closed

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If you ask Top Agent Crystal McIntosh how she consistently achieves top seller status each quarter since joining her firm in 2017, she will tell you “Relationships don’t end after the transaction. The transaction is only the beginning.” Crystal is known for being genuine and down to earth. Before she got her license, Crystal long

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Top Agent Jean Sharpe always recognized her competitive spirit. “Even back in high school,” she recalls, “I competed to win.” Throughout her previous career in consumer products marketing and consulting, Jean daydreamed about entering the real estate arena. Finally, on the cusp of semi-retirement, Jean, who by that time owned a successful company, decided to

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